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Episode 28: The Bagel Bite Tree and the Shemale Kitten


You trying to get your month started off right? We can’t think of a better way to do so than to take the next 48 minutes and 13 seconds, and just like, chillax. It’s time to coast through the last two months of 2010 on a soothing cloud of brotherly advice.

Suggested talking points: The Calm, speed rail lovemaking, cat genitalia-watching, PDA, Lil’ Sleepy Jon, pinochle, the Keith Urban series, Bret Michaels’ face, the politics of the centipede

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Episode 27: Immersion Therapy

In this unofficial MBMBaM Halloween Spooktacular, the brothers McElroy turn up the fright meter to “AAH”-leven, answering a whole mess of eerie queries about … um, relationships and meeting people and other sad stuff. We guess it’s not all that terrifying, unless you consider the fact that we’ve done this twenty-seven times now to be a little scary. (Thanks to Amber Cox for the so, so cool header image.)

Suggested talking points: The cleanest hands, hypothetical future-to-present time travel, Jekyll and Bastard, Ja Drool, the nerd void, tapeworm baby, baggin’ it

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Episode 26: Bases Loaded

The Brothers McElroy have returned to you, dearest listeners, in sickness (Travis and Griffin) and in health (Justin). Through a daze brought along by a poorly thought-out cocktail of coffee and Dayquil, today’s episode possesses an entirely unique flavor — a flavor to savor, if you will.

Suggested talking points: Jimmy Facebook,  delay of baby, Dr. Money Money, deep heads, in the parker, 14 and loving it, Jesus’ battery allergy, brunner

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Episode 25: Freak in the Bedroll

This is a special, special episode, everyone. A very special episode indeed. Not only is it our quarter-of-a-hundred-episode celebration, it’s also our first show with the endorsement of world hero, David Hasselhoff. To celebrate, we’ve got a bunch of free advice, as well as a heartwarming outro from John Palomba. From his guitar, to our hearts, to your ears.

Suggested talking points: Wizard Ani, The Hoff, prison pals, the waxening, treeem, insta-baby, mommy’s Cosmos, the fightin’ Rachel Dratches

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Episode 24: Hey Hon, How’s Your Day

It’s October, which we all know is the official month of advice, and also pumpkins. Unfortunately, if you’ve tuned in for a podcast about squash appreciation, you’ve come to the wrong place. That first thing, though — that’s something we can do something about.

Suggested talking points: Oh My Tosh, sexy frumpy dragon, screaming infidelities, baby chain, a torso donation from Kevin Smith, street magic, Mollytalk, coming out

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Episode 23: Dad Stew

If you’re not listening to this new episode at an official, licensed, ordained MBMBaM listening party, then we’re not sure you’re getting the full listening experience. Advice podcasts are like tandem bikes — they don’t really work unless two or more people sit on them. We don’t know what we’re saying anymore.

Suggested talking points: Wolfwhistles, That full-on Sisqo heat, foreverbaby, Now That’s What I Call Music, Eye-spiders, balls and everything, guywriting, monkey stomach, maneater

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