Episode 23: Dad Stew

If you’re not listening to this new episode at an official, licensed, ordained MBMBaM listening party, then we’re not sure you’re getting the full listening experience. Advice podcasts are like tandem bikes — they don’t really work unless two or more people sit on them. We don’t know what we’re saying anymore.

Suggested talking points: Wolfwhistles, That full-on Sisqo heat, foreverbaby, Now That’s What I Call Music, Eye-spiders, balls and everything, guywriting, monkey stomach, maneater

Download: My Brother, My Brother and Me Episode 23

Buy: Sell! No, just kidding, buy.

5 responses to “Episode 23: Dad Stew

  1. great show.

  2. I would LOVE an “Aim for the Drain” t-shirt.

  3. ¡Me gusta!

  4. To the guy looking for something different and sweet for his lady, get the two of you dancing lessons. She likely won’t be expecting it, and you get to deliver a great line about how the best thing you can imagine is a way for the two of you to spend more time growing closer together.

  5. “Then you’re some kind of caveman” made me huff in my tea.
    Thank you Travis

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