Episode 24: Hey Hon, How’s Your Day

It’s October, which we all know is the official month of advice, and also pumpkins. Unfortunately, if you’ve tuned in for a podcast about squash appreciation, you’ve come to the wrong place. That first thing, though — that’s something we can do something about.

Suggested talking points: Oh My Tosh, sexy frumpy dragon, screaming infidelities, baby chain, a torso donation from Kevin Smith, street magic, Mollytalk, coming out

Download: My Brother, My Brother and Me Episode 24

Buy: Happiness

3 responses to “Episode 24: Hey Hon, How’s Your Day

  1. Though I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, the suggested talking points already have be laughing my ass off. I give this episode a 7.5.

  2. The intro is pure quality, it really sets the tone for the show, which is also effing brilliant, but that song that plays you out is truly the worst. Please, at least prove me wrong by replacing it by one that is worse; for the humility the error will provide me.

  3. Is the purple elephant staring at me in the corner, gonna grape me if I fall asleep?

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