Episode 25: Freak in the Bedroll

This is a special, special episode, everyone. A very special episode indeed. Not only is it our quarter-of-a-hundred-episode celebration, it’s also our first show with the endorsement of world hero, David Hasselhoff. To celebrate, we’ve got a bunch of free advice, as well as a heartwarming outro from John Palomba. From his guitar, to our hearts, to your ears.

Suggested talking points: Wizard Ani, The Hoff, prison pals, the waxening, treeem, insta-baby, mommy’s Cosmos, the fightin’ Rachel Dratches

Download: My Brother, My Brother and Me Episode 25

Buy: The things that haven’t sold out yet

5 responses to “Episode 25: Freak in the Bedroll

  1. great show as always if the person wearing the mbmbam shirt had a mass effect hoodie on it was me

  2. Ah, as soon as I saw “Wizard Ani” I knew you guys read mine.

  3. CAn you guys make a T-shirt of the Hoffical Seal? I’m not sure if the graphic is original or not

  4. Justin’s laugh at the bedroll comment was possibly the best part. I like the 3/4 of a second where you could just tell he was processing that joke and then just busts out. I love this show guys, make it longer? I drive for 2-3 hours per day in a city, I listen to tons of podcasts. I usually save MBMBAM for Friday to really end the week in a nice way.

  5. I really love Justin’s reaction to the bedroll comment. That half a second he pauses to process it and then the explosion of laughter is hilarious. I was sitting at a red light laughing my sack off. This is easily one of my favorite podcasts. I drive 2-3 hours per day within the city so I’ve got tons of time to kill. I usually save MBMBAM for Friday to end the work week with a laugh. One request: Make it longer…ive got plenty of time.

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