Episode 27: Immersion Therapy

In this unofficial MBMBaM Halloween Spooktacular, the brothers McElroy turn up the fright meter to “AAH”-leven, answering a whole mess of eerie queries about … um, relationships and meeting people and other sad stuff. We guess it’s not all that terrifying, unless you consider the fact that we’ve done this twenty-seven times now to be a little scary. (Thanks to Amber Cox for the so, so cool header image.)

Suggested talking points: The cleanest hands, hypothetical future-to-present time travel, Jekyll and Bastard, Ja Drool, the nerd void, tapeworm baby, baggin’ it

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3 responses to “Episode 27: Immersion Therapy

  1. Pack your Poop bags and get out of town.

  2. Christopher (wickedcobra03)

    Justin, I just wanted to say, you were warm and inviting when we met at PAX East 2010. I thought at no time; “geez, this guy is a clam and a half”. You probably live at home with leather bound books and your bookcases which hold these books smell like mahogany. I would say you are a pretty big deal.

    Again, a great show men, and I love the food stories. I have had these Brunner bagel sandwiches, which I must admit are pretty amazing, but you are pretty much confined to the house for the rest of the day the couple of times I have them every year!

  3. Question for next week’s show:

    Can freckles and normal people breed? If so, who is the dominant gene?

    Loving the show guys, got my mother listening to it.

    Pete (aka Lounge Gremlin on Xbox Live)

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