What is MBMBAM?

We’re glad you asked. We’re also glad you’re here! We’re not sure what forces may have brought you here, but nevertheless — we are glad.

My Brother, My Brother and Me is an advicecast for the modern era featuring three real-life brothers: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For about one-half to two-thirds of an hour each week, with new episodes dropping every Monday, the brothers McElroy will answer any query sent our way, each fielding questions falling into our respective areas of expertise. We operate like a streamlined, advice-generating machine. It’s both terrifying and humbling to behold.

If you’re in desperate need of a bit of advice, don’t be shy! Simply send an email to mbmbam aat gmail dawt com, or Tweet your question using the #MBMBAM hashtag, and we’ll take care of that for you.

24 responses to “What is MBMBAM?

  1. I am your fan for life. i promise.

  2. What is MBMBaM? More like, what isn’t MBMBaM, am I right? Seriously y’all, get a clue. This ish is the BOMB!

  3. I just started listening to your podcasts on my commute into work… needless to say, my commute has become exponentially more enjoyable. Thanks for being hilarious!

  4. Hey guys! Love the show, but I wanted to know what the music at the beginning of the show is.

  5. Assholes. Why must I enjoy you?

  6. As a Zune user, I find it offensive that you never announce/advertise that your listeners can also subscribe and listen to your podcast using Zune software. Get on the ball, Mamba!


    • Kara, (may I call you Kara?) if you’re a Zune user, you must be completely dead inside therefore it’s impossible that you are offended by this slight.

  7. @Kara: After a Zune left a vicious, twelve-inch scar on Travis’s abdomen the brothers vowed the destruction of its entire species. You’re a lamb caught in the crossfire.

  8. So here’s the thing guys: Zune is great. Open your minds.

  9. Just saying: let’s be professionals about this.

  10. Zune is my lord and savior.

  11. Wow. What an amazing, hilarious show.

  12. Let us not argue on different devices. They are merely conduits for the music that we listen to, and the mbmbam we adore.

    People don’t quarrel over toothbrush brands (although it should be clear to everybody that Colgate is the best), so why should we let ourselves be brought apart by focusing on the different devices we enjoy to caress, while the silky smooth voices of three brothers bathe our intellect in delicate thoughts.

  13. My comment was supposed to end with a question mark. Probably because it ended with a question.

    • Here’s the thing: I didn’t say that Zune was better or worse than any other device, nor am I saying that now. All I’m saying is that as a Zune user as well as a mbmbam listener, I am feeling oppressed.

  14. @kara

    This was only meant as harmless sarcasm, not mindless consumer electronics trolling or discriminatory oppression. I hope everyone can listen to MBMBaM at their leisure, regardless of the delivery method or playback device. God, I love this show.

  15. First time i am looking for salvation, but dont wanna get dipped in a river or blow up innocent people, im asking you guys.!

  16. Hey, fellows.

    As a long time Ben Folds fan and necessitator of advice, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I want your balls.

    The *BLEEP* Show.

  17. Every time a new show is posted, a little more magic just entered the world.

  18. I love your show!!

    /Elin in Sweden

  19. so it’s NOT about video games?…

    but seriously, any way you can get Ludwig on the show? :)

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